Geoff Brunell is an artist living and working in East London and before retirement he lectured in Fine Art in many institutions for over 40 years. He set us this task in response to seeing the film we made as part of a previous one from performance artist and painter Shaun Caton. He suggested that we could take stills from the film and use them as a starting point to make a series of studies and paintings on paper. He asked that we use these images to take us further into the imagination by using the motifs, colours and shapes to spin the process off into new directions.

The task: ‘Imagination,Synthesis and Transformation’ is to make oil paintings, in an experimental, imaginative and expressive manner, using imagery taken from research based on figuration. The idea is to challenge the artists use of fantastical images, to produce images taken from life and real experience, transformed through the use of their imagination. The work, initially on paper is to try to ensure that the work does not become too product orientated too soon, at the expense of experimentation, to take some risks and have some fun.

Below are images of the first phase of the task, drawings and paintings on paper.