This task is a collaborative process, devised by artist/performance practitioner Leo Kay. The task will explore the drivers behind the art we make and the ideas we present with the express intention of giving time, time to deepen, strengthen and enhance understanding of self and connect creative, political and personal intention. The process will engage writing, dialogue and visual expression of ideas and will culminate in a final practical exposure of the task’s transactions, the nature and structure of which will emerge from the process.
The first part of the task is to answer this set of  7 questions. When this is done we are to create a series of ‘venn diagrams’ to illustrate where the concepts and ideas exposed in the answers of KEELER and TORNERO intersect.
1. What do you feel passionate about. i.e. what do you love/want to see more of in the world, want to protect within your own experience, love to do, need space for?
2. Why do you make art?
3. What is art for right now. Not what has it been for in the past but from your perspective right now?
4. What are the strengths of KEELERTORNERO’s practice?
5. What are the weaknesses of KEELERTORNERO’s practice?
6. Does art have social responsibility? If yes why? If no why not?
7. Why have you designed KT Lab?
A first draft of the KEELERTORNERO Mind Map

Leo Kay works within the medium of participatory performance and theatre. He has journeyed through physical theatre, dance theatre and directed many spoken word artists and MC’s. As a performance maker and director of his own company, his work explores intimate, site specific and participatory performance practice.
Kay is co-founder of London based performance company Unfinished Business (UB), a long standing collaboration between himself as artist/director and artist/producer Anna Smith. UB makes live art and theatre across the UK and Internationally. They work with an evolving team of collaborators making interactive and intimate performance, excavating autobiographical material as a starting point for projects. Alongside artists and non-artists they explore new collective spaces for dialogue, ritual and the creation of shared meaning aiming to question systemic hierarchies and explore alternative political structures.
He is currently engaged in a Post-Masters at The Performance and Scenographic Institute of A.PASS in Brussels: A unique educational context that nurtures self organisation and collaboration, engaging  artists from many different fields in the creation of a body of personal artistic research. Within this he explores the process of fermentation as a dramaturgical framework, using the analysis of micro organic growth to find metaphors for human action and communication.