In October 2017 Herrick Gallery held an exhibition of paintings by Edinburgh based artist, Ian Healy.

Alice Herrick, the gallery director, invited KEELERTORNERO to set up studio in the gallery and make small sculptures in response to Healy’s paintings. The idea for this juxtaposition was to create a bridge between the two disciplines of painting and sculpture, and between Healy and KEELERTORNERO, who had never met or seen each other’s work before the show.

The original idea was to work with air-dried or modelling clay, mediums Alice has been working with for some years now and was keen to collaborate with on this project. The task time was limited to a week, as the work had to be ready for the artists’ talk and private view at the gallery. With this in mind they decided to use plaster and other materials more familiar to them to create witty character models inspired by the subjects in Healy’s paintings. These models were then painted and they then also made small 2-D paintings of the models, so that there was a continuation of the chain of response. Alice meanwhile worked alongside them making a clay chess set based on the characters and motifs in Healy’s work.

The plan is to continue this collaboration and making small-scale clay sculptures in response to imagery within KeelerTornero’s paintings.

Alice Herrick studied painting at Kingston (B.A. Fine Art ‘92) and Chelsea (M.A. Painting ‘93). Alongside her art practice she worked for ten years as an art director and production designer on films, then as a  freelance exhibition and live art event curator before establishing Herrick Gallery in 2012.

The Bridge - Chess set by Alice Herrick in progress

Ian Healy studied painting in Cork, Ireland and lives and works in Edinburgh. His work circumnavigates the notion of being human. He is excited by representing the human figure, expressing humour and absurdness. Whilst having a keen engagement with historical and contemporary figurative painting, Healy also attempts to describe the foolishness and the idiosyncrasies of life or the acts performed. Underlying narratives inform the works; he seeks to draw a viewer into some drama or comedy, into a scenario, maybe fear of being seen, fear of how to look and even fear of the unknown.

More information about Ian Healy HERE