TASK NO.004. JACK DOYLE – Creativity and the Brain


There are three parts to creativity:

1. A rich source of input. 2. A channel. 3. An obsession

Section 1: A rich source of input

Take the “personification of creativity” as a starting point for the project. Look at the historic depictions of the brain, thought process and creativity, along side illustrations of how it was believed that the brain worked. Compare this with current understanding about the brain.

Section 2: A channel

Develop a working method to channel your ideas, showing how you have taken your “rich source” and processed it.

Section 3: An obsession

Pull out one component from your new working method to scrutinize. Develop themes and variations based on the single element, until you have reached the stage where a finished large scale artwork can be produced about Creativity and the Brain.
Any medium can be used.

Part 1 of the task – to make 2 150x244cm murals on paper to be hung in an exhibition at PS Mirabel in Central Manchester. These are to be done in collaboration with Jack Doyle and we will create a process inspired by the functionality of the brain by which to create imagery.

Fig 1. The first mural shows how a process is being developed. It’s an improvised mind map of images and concepts which come about in a linear way through means of mental association. The starting point was the drawing around ourselves to root us within the picture plane. From here and perhaps because of recent discussions about the origins of human civilisation and human obsessions for sports like football, we begin a silent dialogue about tribalism and so on..

Fig 2. Taking the themes and imagery from the first mural, we extract distinct aspects, write them down on small bits of paper and arrange them on the floor in the order that they appeared, there are 33. We noticed this resembled a human vertebrae and discovered there are 33 bones in the human vertebrae, coincidentally the same number as we had bits of paper.

Fig3. The image of the human vertebrae and the number of words gave us the starting point for mural number 2. Having written all 33 concepts or words in the form of a vertebrae on the paper from top to bottom, we each randomly selected them according to whim and make a new illustration inspired by that word.

Fig 1. A mind map of associative images
Fig 3. Fresh illustrations are created randomly from the vertebrae of ideas
Fig.2 The 33 distinct concepts and images drawn from mural 1