Our first task has been set by performance artist and painter SHAUN CATON. He has given us this title: The Prehistoric School of Barbaric Painting and we are to make a series of archaic paintings/drawings/monotypes.

We started looking at the project in early February and the initial plan was to make a cave painting installation for a group show called LE COQ ARTISTES – CHINESE OPEN at the Q-park in London’s west end. We wanted to make the whole thing out of discarded cardboard and have it so that you could only view the images by illuminating them with your mobile phone. The idea was to paint the cave walls with images inspired by what had been set out in Shaun’s task and to partly reference the atmosphere of ancient cave painting. After a day trying out different things, it became clear that is was not working (see image 1 below) so we had to take a radical new direction. Even though we really like these paintings we didn’t feel as though we were addressing the task. We liked the scale of them and the surface but felt we needed to go back and look at what Shaun had specified. Come back and see where it went from there..

Shaun Caton Task. Cave paintings Work in progress KEELERTORNERO 2017
Cave paintings. Work in progress