Archival Inkjet Print on 310gsm Hahnemuhle paper

29x42cm A3

Oscar Wilde is known for his razor sharp wit and literary prowess for using words as weapons. This image is playing with the idea that in a parallel dimension he might be a different sort of character, and as the title suggests, he may resort to means other than words to get his message across. The image belongs to a larger project known as GHOSTJUMPS AND WORMHOLES (see below)


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WHEN WORDS FAIL – Archival Inkjet Print on 310gsm Hahnemuhle paper 29x42cm A3

Ghostjumps and Wormholes‘ is an ever expanding epic soap opera which charts the unlikely trajectory of a multitude of real and imaginary characters. Presenting story-lines of impossible geometry, they stage a theatre of illusions and trap doors, where a bipolar fisherman from the island of Terschelling can rub shoulders with John Wayne trapped inside the body of a stag trying to escape his future by becoming the daughter that Mies van der Rohe never had.

Ghostjump translates literally from the german geistsprung indicating a freeform mental jump from one idea to another. Wormholes are hypothetical shortcuts through space and time. ‘Ghostjumps and Wormholes’ is a board game of infinite proportions, where snakes lead you to the sublime and ladders to the ridiculous.

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