After the CHINESE OPEN rooster paintings, we decided to make one very large painting to tackle the Shaun Caton task (400x400cm) and film it so you can see how it develops over the course of a day. The film is to become a performance and as requested in the task, we will make costumes to paint in and invite others to do the same.

The paintings on this page are smaller pieces we did in preparation for the bigger one. They are not meant to be viewed as final pieces but rather points on a journey, they are more about the process. Shaun came to see these this week and suggested that when painting the big one, we try to release our grip on the idea of composition, to open ourselves up to the unexpected, to let things happen. Subscribe to this site to get updates on how this ends up.

We welcome any comments you may have. See below.

'Forest Gathering' Work in Progress
'Forest Gathering II' Work in progress
Forest Gathering 2017 Acrylic and emulsion on cardboard 200x200cm
Forest Gathering II 2017 Acrylic and emulsion on cardboard 200x200cm