LES YEUX DE L’OISEAU 1001 Random Drawings by Chin Keeler at PRAXIS N16. Thanks to Alaister Saunders for help with the hang.

The book containing all 1001 drawings published by ‘the society for certaine errors’ is available in the KEELERTORNERO shop HERE

Les yeux de l’oiseau is the incomprehensive dictionary of a fine mind. caught in gossamer experi-mental-floss in a sweeping motion of a petit grand gesture are 1000 split-second photographs taken from the corner of the eye of a bird. family portraits and memory snapshots of the enigmatic characters and mythologies projected onto the inside of chin keeler, they are blood relations of your own inner friends. born, like all of us, from the placenta of sweet longings and raised on pop culture ephemera, they accelerate by their pumping hearts towards the sun into which they hurl their gleaming dreams like some bipolar darts champion on a hot cake wednesday. take the megabrain challenge and re-assemble the fractions into one intense second of streaming consciousness – get your felt-pens and colour them in the shades of love. – Tina Borkowski of The Society for Certain Errors.

What the papers say: ‘Tingles lovely all over‘ – Journal for the polymorphously perverse.