Layla Lyons

Layla Lyons. Mitchell 2015 - Oil on canvas

Layla Lyons lives and works in Devon, England

Painter Layla Lyons swapped the furibund life of London for that of an hermitic solitarian artist in rural Devon a few years ago. Here, in a tiny cottage with no electricity overlooking rolling hills and forest, she gets up everyday and paints, until the fading light means she is forced to stop. We got to know her and her work when she moved into our studio building in Stoke Newington, East London and for this task she invited us to stay with her in the cottage where she lives with Willow the dog. She hosted us as fellow artists and directed us to ‘paint through the pain barrier’ in the woods..

The Task: We will attempt to evoke and commune with art spirit (or preferred other). The conspiracy of experts are deemed unsafe so we will use our magik and craft to seek apocalyptic vision. Through a forced return to archaic practice and role we are charged with the task of bringing back our findings (new (or revived old) truths (possibly corrupted by our own desires, beliefs, lies motivations etc) from our OUT-POST.
I believe painting to be a tenable medium to convey or possess the presence, or passage of ‘something’ whether it be a grand narrative or a ‘feeling’ or a fleeting glimpse that can’t quite be described but could possibly be cajoled onto the painting support and trapped.
Small off grid cottage
9 acres land inc woodland
Outside mains water tap
Wood burner
Gas stove
Beds, studio space and tools
Ability to charge phones, laptops
Old radio