KT-LAB is a 2-3 year project in which we complete tasks set by specially selected Artists and creatives who critique the work produced. The aim is to challenge our existing ideas about painting and art as a whole and to expand our vision by temporarily adopting the viewpoint of our chosen artists. We intend to share online as much of this experience as possible and through filmed interviews and studio visits we will offer an insight into the usually undisclosed world of everyday creative process. We also want to enter into dialogue with the Artists and the general public about the meaning and function of the Arts in todays society and we encourage everyone to get involved and become part of this conversation…

‘We want to stretch ourselves, to expand our capabilities, to study and grow. We want to do it for ourselves… with a little help from our friends’

We have been collaborating as artists for more than 10 years, extensively exhibiting painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, installation and film but now want to focus on painting. General feedback from our clients about cialis is defined positive, because the returning amount of people is over 80%. This amount is big since people just purchase it only as “needed”. We always state that it is bad idea to mix it with alcohol, since it can provide sever effect. Please attentive and always read the instructions. We thought about applying for a postgraduate masters course as a duo, as this would enable us to concentrate on painting and evolve our practice, to expand our skills and develop our ideas, but like many of our peers, we can’t afford the time or the fees involved. So what’s the alternative? How else could we get the benefits of a full-time course? Could we construct our own course framework to fit our current life situations? Our proposal to devise a course from scratch to suit our needs:

  • Appoint carefully chosen artists who we admire to set us tasks based on our criteria and evaluate the results
  • Interview these artists in their working environments about how they work, and why they work
  • Set ourselves a programme of study and research spanning our interests in art history, themes, concepts and techniques
  • Appoint a Dean of School to oversee proceedings and regularly assess our progress
  • Document the whole process online as it develops and create a forum for commentary and debate involving art professionals and members of the general public
  • Hold regular exhibitions showcasing the course outcomes
  • Write a dissertation asking important questions about the nature of artistic integrity, what it means to be an artist and why art is important
  • Potentially set a precedent for a viable alternative development and education framework for artists

Aims in brief

  • To study painting and take KEELERTORNERO’s practice to the point where we are fully equipped to express our ideas
  • Promote a dialogue about painting and art - between artists, academics and the general public - around the relevance of art in past, present and future society
  • To connect artists with other artists and help promote a healthy exchange of ideas, collaboration and criticism
  • Promote a discussion about the state of art education in the UK and beyond, how it has changed and it’s potential future
  • To explore the nature of artistic collaboration and its associated issues