Jack Doyle

Jack Doyle studied at Chelsea School of Art, specialising in architectural art and public art projects. His practice explores working collaboratively with other artists, designers and the public. He usually works with concrete and has exhibited drawings, paintings, thermo-ceramic glass, magazines and constructions.

Jack has lectured and taught art and design at universities and colleges; he also runs art workshops with schools. He works with a number of art galleries across the North West, delivering art and design sessions to children and adults. He works with young carers, youth offending teams and the Probation Service to deliver large-scale community art schemes.

Jack is co-founder and a director of PS Mirabel Gallery, an artist-led art gallery and project space in Manchester city centre.

TASK NO.004. JACK DOYLE – Creativity and the Brain.

There are three parts to creativity:

1. A rich source of input. 2. A channel. 3. An obsession

Section 1: A rich source of input

Take the “personification of creativity” as a starting point for the project. Look at the historic depictions of the brain, thought process and creativity, along side illustrations of how it was believed that the brain worked. Compare this with current understanding about the brain.

Section 2: A channel

Develop a working method to channel your ideas, showing how you have taken your “rich source” and processed it.

Section 3: An obsession

Pull out one component from your new working method to scrutinize. Develop themes and variations based on the single element, until you have reached the stage where a finished large scale artwork can be produced about Creativity and the Brain.
Any medium can be used.