GRRRR! Siân Superman and Pandora Vaughan

Grrrr! is art, art for all

May 2017. Our second task has been set by the GRRRR! artists: Siân Superman and Pandora Vaughan. Truth 3000 – Make 50 painted objects out of found materials which reveal your truth. And your secrets.

Times are tough. And for these tricky moments we need artists who can step up to the plate. The plate of art. KEELERTORNERO must be the people to do it. They will find objects and either display a universal, ungovernable truth in them – or a personal secret. Will we be able to tell the difference? Didn’t Kierkegaard argue that “subjectivity is truth” and “truth is subjectivity”? Yeah, he did.

Grrrr! is an art pop up – latest exhibition Truth Machine in London NW5 shows work from Pandora Vaughan, Cathy Ward, KEELERTORNERO, Louise Mason, Tessa Norton and Siân Superman. Grrrr! is art, art for all. We’ve been featured in Time Out, the New European and on the cover of the KentishTowner.

Siân Superman is an artist and writer. She likes crisps and the smell of oil paint in the morning. Website: RAWART

Pandora Vaughan: Concerned with the idea of spatial justice, Vaughan’s practice focuses on designed space and the confinements inherent in regulated environments. Some of these are nostalgic and some are futuristic, some internal, some imposed. They explore sentiment and nostalgia as tools for coercion, the failure of collective memory in the public realm and the politics of land use. She uses a re-interpretation of ‘popular’ arts and texts in combination with intensive making. Website: PANDORA VAUGHAN

Sian Superman. 20 Jazz Funk Greats 2014 Acrylic on canvas 20x20cm
Sian Superman. Five star 2016 Acrylic on canvas 10x10cm
Pandora Vaughan. Brixton Prison 2011 Cotton, metallic threads. 22x18cm approx.
Pandora Vaughan. The Prison Industrial Fairground Complex 2016 Textile 150x200cm
GRRRR! girls Pandora Vaughan and Siân Superman
GRRRR! girls Pandora Vaughan and Siân Superman