The seven paintings specially created for this exhibition are based on an updated unspecific narrative concerning Artist and philosopher Edward Rathburn in 1826.

1. (Rooster sees his reflection in a pond) In which Edward is struck by his own reflection in the village pond of Ripley in Surrey, and is compelled to take stock of his feckless meanderings and re-evaluate his meager perspective.

2. (Rooster looks at money tree) In which Edward, penniless and destitute, seeks alternative methods of procuring commodities.

3. (Rooster held by the neck by man) In which Edward believes his is being coerced into a string of repugnant deeds by his benefactor.

4. (Box of matches with rooster on box) In which Edward finds himself burning the midnight oil doing business with a man predisposed to incendiarism.

5. (Man swipes smart phone of rooster picture on screen) In which Edward, after lengthy ponderous comtemplation, resolves to pursue a carnal allegiance.

6 and 7. 6. (Tritych of rooster foot on sandwich, rooster wearing denim and the pouring of cornflakes.) and 7. (Tritych of rooster beer cans, a rooster being dangled over a bucket of water and a pair of brogues.) In which Edward commits to an extravagant embrace of contemporary procedures and conventions.

All emulsion and acrylic on cardboard. Thanks to Paul Sakoilsky for conducting impromptu auction.