GEOFF BRUNELL task update #01 – Second phase of study paintings – IMAGINATION, SYNTHESIS AND TRANSFORMATION


Geoff paid us another studio visit in June 2019 to see how we were getting on with his task. Although seemingly impressed with the quality and quantity of work produced, he had many points to make in reaction. Most of these were to do with composition and technique. This felt like we were getting good advice from someone who’s been in art education and producing art for a long time. We’ve taken on board everything he said and will now be approaching our oil painting from a more professional standpoint. So to the next phase of IMAGINATION, SYNTHESIS AND TRANSFORMATION where we will be concerned with a heightened sense of composition and our treatment of paint and palettes more ordered and organised.

Below are the study paintings we did since Geoff’s first visit. Mostly oil paint on paper, some of these are developments from the first phase.

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