We spent half of Ocotober this year in the northern Norwegian town of Tromsø working on a special project called X2066 with the people at Ice-9. We collaborated with Valentin Manz and Alice Lui on the game. It’s a story generator, an interactive game which allows the players to imagine the life of X and in turn imagine what their own future might be like.

The year is 2066. X is a 21-year-old woman living in the arctic. Ice-9 presents a scienceFUTURE exhibition and story-hacking lab featuring a musical board game, virtual reality, holograms and an app. Play games that explore and expand on story ideas collected from polar scientists, kids and artists about X in a dramatically-altered arctic landscape.

X2066 and science futures are produced by Ice-9, a new company based in Tromsø established by Christine Cynn and Valentin Manz for creating participatory art combined with digital and online tools with live events, workshops and exhibitions. Christine is co-director of the Oscar nominated documentary the act of killing, director and co-producer of Shooting Ourselves, on the global arms trade.

The project is now called Hello X. See HERE for more information about HELLO X and ICE-9. In association with Insomnia festival