LOBSTER PIZZA BOX Oil on pizza box 2019 For a charity show at Atom Gallery KEELERTORNERO

CAN I GET A SLICE? A group show at ATOM GALLERY in support of Hackney Food Bank

LOBSTER PIZZA BOX Oil on pizza box 2019 For a charity show at Atom Gallery KEELERTORNERO

Photo courtesy of Atom Gallery: KEELERTORNERO – LOBSTER PIZZA – Oil Paint on pizza box 2019. Show runs until November 23rd 2019


corridor installation for Protocol KEELERTORNERO

PROTOCOL at Q-Park, Cavendish Square W1

PROTOCOL – FRIEZE ART WEEK 2018. Curated by Vanya Balogh. In association with Geoff Leong Foundation.

CORRIDOR 2018. Mixed media. Installation specially constructed for PROTOCOL.

When Words Fail.. A Group Exhibiton at THE COOP NW10 - September 2018

With VINCENT BLACK, JOHN CASS, GABRIEL PLANT, IVAN BLACK, KEELERTORNERO and NESTA FITZGERALD. Thanks to Kevin Mikailian for the lovely food and thanks also to Mel Randall, Nick Plant and Nick Landon

VIOLENCE/SILENCE at The Cello Factory SE1 - May 2018

Curated by Vanya Balogh. Artists: Geraldine Swayne, Mark Woods, Ann Grim, Teo Robinson, Franko B, Susan Schulman, Martin Sexton, KEELERTORNERO, Sarah Pager, Rebecca Scott, Dallas Seitz, Vanya Balogh, Liz Helman, Thomas Quallman, Ting-an Ling & Thomas J Ridley.

Pictures show KEELERTORNERO installation ‘Assembling’ 2018 Vinyl records, wood, plaster and found clothing.



Alice Herrick of Herrick Gallery asked us to come and set up a sculpture studio in the basement of her Mayfair gallery during the Ian Healy exhibition and respond to his paintings in 3D. Our usual medium is paint so despite some initial apprehension it turned out to be really fun as we happily rediscovered some techniques and materials we’d used in the past. The experience of working at the Herrick gallery in the well-heeled environs of Mayfair proved to be good focus for us, since we were there to do one thing only and with Alice on the next floor, regularly checking on our progress, we couldn’t run away. The experience of spending time with another artist’s work is interesting too and it was necessary to get behind the compositions in Ian’s brightly coloured paintings. The characters in the paintings are very strong and the effect they have on you changes the more you get to know them. We hope we managed to treat the subjects with the right amount of respect.

KT-LAB is a 2-3 year project in which we complete tasks set by specially selected Artists and creatives who then critique the work produced. The aim is to challenge our existing ideas about painting and art as a whole and to expand our vision by temporarily adopting the viewpoint of our chosen artists. We intend to share online as much of this experience as possible and through filmed interviews and studio visits we will offer an insight into the usually undisclosed world of everyday creative process. We also want to enter into dialogue with the Artists and the general public about the meaning and function of the Arts in todays society and we encourage everyone to get involved and become part of this conversation…



The seven paintings specially created for this exhibition are based on an updated unspecific narrative concerning Artist and philosopher Edward Rathburn in 1826.

All emulsion and acrylic on cardboard.

How am I single? 2016 Oil on panel 30x30cm KEELERTORNERO

KEELERTORNERO at Vout-o-Reenees members show

PRIVATE VIEW THIS THURDAY AUG 4TH 6PM: The crypt of 30 Prescot street, E1 8 London, United Kingdom.



Heads of Assembly


KEELERTORNERO Heads of Assembly 2015 Vinyl records and acrylic. As seen at MK Gallery.

This summer MK Gallery presents the work of almost 70 artists, musicians and performers from Milton Keynes in MK Calling 2015. This exciting show selected from an Open Call for submissions, is designed to explore the breadth of creativity in or inspired by Milton Keynes.
The event builds on the hugely popular MK Calling exhibition in the summer of 2013, with approximately a third of the exhibitors making a welcome return. This year is characterised by a higher proportion of artists than performers, and work by talented amateurs will sit alongside that of recent graduates through to established practitioners. The selected work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, film, sound, photography, poetry, music and performance, which will be presented in broad thematic groupings, such as figures, landscape and geometry/abstraction.
This year’s exhibition marks the end of the Gallery building in its current form, before work begins on the Gallery’s expansion. The ambitious new Gallery will open in 2017 as part of the celebrations for MK50 – the city’s fiftieth anniversary year.
Speaking about the exhibition, MK Gallery’s Director Anthony Spira, said: “MK Calling 2015 provides a great opportunity for artists and audiences in Milton Keynes to meet, share ideas, and participate in workshops, training and mentoring. This project celebrates the end of the first phase of the Gallery’s history and launches our exciting expansion.”
Friday 3 July – Sunday 6 September 2015 www.mkgallery.org/exhibitions/

KEELERTORNERO @ The Chinese Open

Our piece for Chinese Open at Q park WC2 as part of Chinese New Year celebrations last weekend in Soho. Thanks to Vanya Balogh and everyone else who organised the event and to Alice Herrick for the photo. The drawing, approx 5 meters x 4 metres is about overcoming obstacles, moving forward, stuff like that…


WE COULD NOT AGREE – 10 curators and more than 100 artists. Frieze Week Exhibition 2014. 14th – 19th October, daily 12 – 8pm Free. OPENING Monday 13th October. Press Breakfast 10.30am. Artists Preview 4 – 6pm. Private View open to public 6 – 9pm. Q PARK Level 3 Cavendish Square London W1G 0PN

Following the popularity of 2013’s show, Geoff Leong has once again joined forces with dynamic artist-curator duo Vanya Balogh & Cedric Christie plus a new team of multi-talented artist-curators, to support this non-profit exhibition featuring over 100 artists in the circular 20,000 Sq ft multi storey Q-Park car park beneath Cavendish Square. Whilst unusual in terms of location, this annual event likes to challenge, entice and entertain all art lovers and visitors. Open to the public for 6 consecutive days, it features diverse work in the medium of sculpture, film, photography, painting and site specific interventions, including performative talks and live presentations, with a deliberate feeling for unpredictability and curiosity. Both emerging and established artists are presented throughout the event. This year, the show also includes a marble sculpture by Andy Elton in the gardens of Cavendish Square.

Alice Herrick has chosen artists with a sense of the curious in film, photography, sculpture and installation: David J Batchelor, Michael Cole, Jeffery Disastronaut, Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Paul Hazelton and Tom Swift (featuring Beth Anderson and Dan Thompson) Aly Helyer, KEELERTORNERO, Kate kotcheff, Tasha Marks: AVM Curiosities, Linday Sekulowicz & Sonia Levy

Curators: Vanya Balogh, Geoff Leong, Cedric Christie, Pascal Rousson, Sarah Sparkes, Rebecca Scott, Tracey Moberly, Mark Woods, Alice Herrick, Roger Clarke.

Artists: Caroline Stevenson, Megan Pickering, Adam Piper, Jess Hurd, Jason Parkinson, Mark Miller, Jai Moodie, Nerys Mathias, Tracey Moberly, Danny Pockets, Maslen Mehra, Gzillion Artist, Ihtgw Continent, Martin Sexton, Andie Macario, Nadia Ballan, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Patrick Morrissey & Hanz Hancock, Jim Racine, Vanya Balogh, Peter Fillingham, Zanne Andrea, Anne Deeming, Ben Garrod, Adam Burton, Sellotape Cinema, Norman Mine, Poppy Jackson, Roger Clarke, Julian Firth, Susana Sanroman, Rekha Sameer, Tom Estes, Steve Smith, Jude Cowan Montague, Shuby, Keivan Sarrafan, Joanna McCormick, Stimulus Ltd, Michael Petry, Gillian Duffy, Oko Oko, Dermot O Brien, John Plowman, Mark Woods, Stathis Lagoudakis, Kate Lyddon, Rebecca Scott, Hermione Allsopp, Paul Eachus, Roberto Ekholm, David Fryer, Tim Mitchell, Alexandre Bianchini, DJ Roberts, Derek Mainella, David J Batchelor, Jake Clark, Pascal Rousson, Sarah Doyle, Urban XXX, Ashley S Fitzgerald, Birgitta Hosea, Miyuki Kasahara, Calum F Kerr, Ann Robinson, Charlotte Squire, Sarah Sparkes, Jeffrey Disastronaut, Aly Helyer, Kate Kotcheff, Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Michal Cole, Tasha Marks : AVM Curiosities, Alice Herrick, Paul Hazelton & Tom Swift, Lindsay Sekulowicz & Sonia Levy, Paul Sakoilsky, Sean Worrall, Dan Knight, Jim Roseveare, Lorenzo Belenguer, Piers Jamson, Isolde Nash, Andy Elton, Cedric Christie, Martin Paul Everett, Toni Gallagher, Ray Gange, Xiao Yu, Spizz Energi, Dallas Seitz, Francesco La Porta, Thomas J Ridley, Charlie Whinney, Benjamin Owen, Rebecca Feiner, Phillip Raymond Goodman, Frog Morris, Michael Croft, Greg Tate, Victor Velvet, Unstoppable Achievers, Hugo Madureira, Maria Jose Arceo, Jake Garfield, Joe Nava, Kate Thackara, Ami Hughes, Georgia Kemball, Lissy Kime, Heath Lowndes, Goran Chanter, Lina Audzeviciute, Lucinda Bolton, Jessica Bailey, KeelerTornero, David J Batchelor, Joseph Turnbull, Jack Felgate, Moe Streel

Press enquiries: Geoff Leong +44 (0)7587 454613 geoffleongpr@gmail.com

HERRICK GALLERY Alice Herrick · 1 French Place · London, Eng E1 6JB · United Kingdom

KEELERTORNERO at The Herrick gallery

ADVENTURE at The Herrick Gallery 1 French place E1 6JB

Opening night: Thursday, 13th December 6-9pm

Herrick Gallery invites you to celebrate adventurous delights from 2012 and look forward with excitement to the journey through 2013 with highly desirable and collectable works by:

Chris Bianchi • Bishi & Matthew Hardern • Darren Coffield • Nancy Fouts • Maria Teresa Gavazzi • Paul Hazelton • Aly Helyer • Alice Hoult • KEELERTORNERO • Matthew Killick • Kate Kotcheff • Perspicere • Raul Pina • Rose Pomeroy • Steph von Reiswitz • Mark O'Rourke • Paul Sakoilsky • Gavin Turk • Swedish Blonde Vanessa • Jessica Voorsanger

Exhibition continues: Saturday 15th - Sunday 23rd December 2012
Gallery opening hours: Sat & Sun 2-6pm or by appointment

Above image: Tamara Tchinarova. Collage. KEELERTORNERO 2012

KEELERTORNERO @ Maybe a Vole until Saturday Oct 6th

KEELERTORNERO at Maybe a Vole. Exhibition runs until saturday october 6th.
Maybe a Vole 51, King henry's Walk, London N1
Maybe a vole facebook: Maybe A Vole
Maybe a vole wordpress: Maybe A Vole

KEELERTORNERO plates at 'PLATE' @ Herrick Gallery

Get along to this beautiful little show of plates by 70 plus artists: PLATE
These are the three we submitted.

KEELERTORNERO @ Herrick Gallery. Group exhibition of artist's plates

Herrick Gallery is proud to present PLATE: an exciting and delightful selection of artists' plates
created especially for the gallery's inaugural exhibition.

Opening: Thursday, 28th June, 6-9pm

Exhibition continues: 29th June - 12th August, 2012 Gallery opening times: Saturday & Sunday, 1-6pm or by appointment

Herrick Gallery 1 French Place, London E1 6JB (off Shoreditch High Street)

List of artists:

William Alexander • Frida Alvinzi • Chiara Ambrosio • Uliana Apatina • Vanya Balogh • Chris Bianchi • Florence Boyd • Robson Cezar • Marlowe Chan-Reeves • Cedric Christie • Mat Clum • Angela Cockayne • Darren Coffield • Adam Dant  • Christopher Duncan • Annabel Elgar • Tessa Farmer • Gordon Faulds • Laura Fishman • Monica Fristedt • Maria Teresa Gavazzi • Carolyn Gowdy • Cate Halpin • Anne Hardy  • Paul Hazelton • Aly Helyer • Alice Hoult • Jimp • Nicholas Jolly • KeelerTornero • Matthew Killick • Flo Kohl • Kate Kotcheff • LEO • Peter Lewis & Makiko Nagaya • Lee Maelzer • Jaakko Mattila • Jonathan McLeod • Jeff McMillan • Hugh Mendes • Reno Miller • Isolde Nash • Tony Nonose • Mark O'Rourke • Simon Ould • Raul Pina • Rose Pomeroy • Hélène Rallo • Max Reeves • Martin Richman • Rodolph de Salis • Paul Sakoilsky • Liam Scully • Vanessa Scully • Lindsay Sekulowicz • Martin Sexton • Jane Simpson • Bob & Roberta Smith • David Spero • Andrew Stanney • Brigitte Stepputtis • Peter Suchin • Geraldine Swayne • Swedish Blonde Vanessa • Samantha Sweeting • Marty Thornton • Gavin Turk • Raisa Veikkola • Steph von Reiswitz • Jessica Voorsanger • Simon Willems • Viktor Wynd


KEELERTORNERO @ Swains Lane this friday july 29th

If you're in the area on friday evening have a look at this group show and have a drink!

KEELERTORNERO Collage Series II at Mario's Cafe 6 Kelly St London NW18PH

Table dance 2010 Collage on masonite approx 21x26cm.

Show consists of 39 new collages from the 2nd series. Runs until the end of June 2010. Cafe open Monday to Saturday 7.30am - 4pm.

LES YEUX DE L'OISEAU 1001 Random Drawings show at PRAXIS N16

The book containing all 1001 drawings soon to be available online published by 'the society for certaine errors'

This show really needs to go up again in the very near future so more people can see it. If you have any ideas where it could go and you'd like to help, please email us at oiseau@keelertornero.com.

Lemon Monkey exhibition Dec 09

small tales, big city

An exhibition of tall tales told by diminutive means.
handcrafted for your amusement by Chin Keeler & Emma Tornero,
Marta Swannie, Pandora Vaughan and Tina Borkowski.

The Monkey’s Mezz gallery · Lemon Monkey
188 stoke newington high street (at junction of church street)
lemon-monkey.co.uk · phone 0207 241 4454
opening: 10 december, 7-9 pm · exhibition continues through december